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Feist d.o.o. - Production of barriers and parking locks
Reserve You Parking Space!


Flip Parking Lock Type 1 - produced by MikroklimaFlip Parking Lock Type 1 - produced by Mikroklima

Secure the parking space you purchased with your flat!

With its unique qualities - attractive design, high quality, solid and reliable construction - the parking lock offers a long-term solution to your parking problems.

The innovative flip lock is the product of this company's many years of theoretical expertise and practical experience.

This Croatian top-quality product satisfies all aesthetic, technical and economic demands. The Mikroklima parking lock is produced in the colour orange, making it easily recognizable as a barrier protecting parking space. This makes it the first parking security lock on the streets of Zagreb with a suitable design and easy to handle (with a built-in cylinder lock).

Like any other innovation, the Flip Parking Lock Type 1 is being continually improved and adapted, confirming Mikroklima's pledge to raise the quality of production and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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